Friday, July 31, 2009

Search for tweets containing your blog URL

As you all know twitter is a huge microblogging site over a million links are tweeted per day. If you own a blog or website you might be interested in seeing who shares your blog posts on Twitter. All you need to do is bring your pointer to and Just type your Blog/site URL and hit Search. It allows you to search for tweets that contain links to your posts.

What is the use ?

1. You can find who all shares your link.
2. You can follow them on twitter and thank them for spreading your link.
3. You can know your readers taste by finding out the popularity of the link.
4. For example : If you search on - Easy way to get a feed of videos that people are tweeting and you can also look at what articles and blog posts are popular on twitter throughout the day, so you can see what links are trending to discover new and interesting content.

Features :

1. You have an Advanced search option.
2. You can receive Email alerts when someone shares your blog posts on twitter and the alert can be customized so you can set it to send you daily updates or once in a week.
3. You have a Bookmarklet which you can drag and drop on your Bookmarks bar. so that if you come across any post you can just click that bookmark and search it on twitter.

Hope it is a simple and useful tool for bloggers and re-searchers.

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